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About BootStrap
BootStrap is a patch to enhance the communication probabilities of your PV. It alters the built in communication module so that special crafted PC programs can use their own protocol. This way they become independent from the built in Casio protocols and can perform any synchronisation one can think of.
As a first example implementation there is the PvUploader.exe. It can be used to easily upload lzh archives to the PV. By default it appends to an existing archive, so it's also very handy to add new Add-Ins to the PVAddInManager data file.
PvUploader is command line driven. I tend to use it by creating a short cut on my desktop. To the destination I add "--port=COM1: --baudrate=115200" (without the double quotes). Then I am able to drag an lzh archive and drop it onto the short cut icon. Transfer starts automatically (as long as your PV is connected and PvPIN is not in the way ;-).
For developers: detailed informations on how this technically works are available on email request.
A short description is available here

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